Pharmacy Technician Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Pharmacy Technician Trainee Requirements

A Pharmacy technician trainee is a professional who assists other pharmacists execute their job by helping in the administrative aspects in a pharmacy. Their job responsibilities could vary from stocking the shelves with proper medicines in appropriate numbers, helping the customers find the suitable medicines by checking the prescription given by the doctor, collecting the money from the customers by the medicines, etc. They also take phone calls in the pharmacy from various suppliers, patients, etc. Candidates who want to become Pharmacy technician trainees should have the relevant education and work experience. Also by gaining work experience, candidates improve their chances of selection and getting a better pay package. The educational requirements and job requirements of a Pharmacy technician trainee are given below.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates who want to become Pharmacy technician trainees at least possess a graduation degree in the field of Pharmacy.
  • Candidates should develop good communication skills and should be able to deliver excellent customer service.
  • They should also be familiar with all kinds of inventory that is stored in a pharmacy. They should apply for a license to start working as a Pharmacy technician trainee.

Job Requirements:

  • A Pharmacy technician trainee works under the supervision of a pharmacist and executes his orders.
  • He assists the pharmacist to arrange all medicines in a pharmacy, locate medicines when a customer needs them, check the prescription, provide the medicine and collect the payment.
  • They should be able to provide all administrative facilities in the pharmacy and deliver a superior job for ensuring customer satisfaction.

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