Pharmacy Representative Education Requirements

A pharmacy representative is also called a pharmaceutical representative or drug representative who works for a pharmaceutical company and sells various drugs, treatment equipment and solutions to physicians, pharmacies, nurses and hospitals. This is primarily a sales job and he has to have excellent communication and negotiation skills to convince the buyer that the product is beneficial.

Since it is a specialized field, he must be well-versed about all the benefits and features of the drugs so that he can explain it properly to the client. The educational requirements should be such that he can hone his sales skills and also get training on the different types of drugs and their uses.

Pharmacy Representative Education Requirements:

  • Most companies seek an employee who has a college degree which is consists of four years
  • Most common subjects that one takes in college are biological sciences because it will be give him knowledge about the human body and illnesses or psychology if he wants to sell drugs for mental ailments
  • Some also go for a two year associate’s degree which will give training in sales, marketing, chemistry and biochemistry, and this along with field experience of two years will increase their chance of getting a job
  • You can also study how to be a pharmacy technician and this along with any work experience will look good on the resume

Pharmacy Representative Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as a pharmacy representative can choose to study the following courses:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology
  • Associate’s degree in Pharmacy Technician
  • Associate’s degree in Healthcare Marketing
  • Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences
  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology

Pharmacy Representative Qualification and Training:

A pharmacy representative must get a college degree in a field related to medical sciences and pharmacology which also gives training in sales and marketing. He should be qualified in areas like marketing principles, chemistry, microbiology, business law, consumer behavior, healthcare sales, sales research etc. He should also get a Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative certificate which will give him training on various areas of this field

Pharmacy Representative Colleges and Universities:

Pharmacy Representative Wages and Salaries:

The average salary of a pharmacy representative is $40,730 to $95,028 a year and primarily depends on how much experience the employee has. The top level employees may also get an annual bonus which may be up to $17,000. The highest salaries are provided in New York and Boston

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