Pharmacy Course Requirements

Pharmacy course requirements are subjects and entrance examinations which an aspiring pharmacist needs to clear before he can be considered by reputable colleges for a degree in Pharmacy. This includes the formation of a solid base in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physical Science which are the core subjects on which a Pharmacy course will be developed. Following undergraduate education, the student can apply to a college offering a degree in pharmacy, or a Pharmacy college after securing a decent rank in the PCAT examination. Thus, prior to enrolling for the specific Pharmacy degree, one must complete considerable classes in the subjects mentioned above.

What Pharmacy courses are offered by Pharmacy Institutes?

Mostly the pharmaceutical institutes are offering the following pharmacy courses on their undergraduate and post graduate level as enlisted:

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm)
  • Diploma in Pharmacy and Allied Health Science
  • Master of Pharmacy-Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognsy, Pharmaceutical analysis

What is there to study in a Pharmacy course?

The commonly accepted coursework requirements for a Pharmacy course include at least five years of adequate education in:

  • Mathematics
  • Physical Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Economics

The pre-Pharmacy education should be at least of two years in duration with high levels of GPA, and the three years of Pharmacy coursework must include internships and meeting specific grades on each subject.

What should you do to get into a “Pharmacy” course?

  • The PCAT examination is taken after one year of undergraduate classes, or pre-Pharmacy course classes. The score band ranges from 100 to 300. It takes into account mainly the course work that is covered in the pre-Pharmacy classes, and includes five sections. The five sections are Verbal, Quantitative, Biology, Chemistry, and Reading Comprehension. The results of the PCAT will be required in the admission to Pharmacy colleges, as each college will set a certain PCAT cut off score which the candidates must meet in order to be eligible for admission to the Pharmacy course in that particular college.
  • It is important to maintain high GPA at the undergraduate levels, so a minimum of 3.5 is usually enforced strictly. It gives the college an idea of the candidate’s consistent performance in the courses taken by him and thus, GPA must be carefully considered while applying for Pharmacy courses in colleges.

What research option you can have ahead in the field of Pharmacy?

After three years of coursework in Pharmacy, the student must complete one year of field internship which is research under a licensed and practicing pharmacist. This is valuable research, as it provides him with an opportunity of studying the subject in practice. He can choose to go in for research even at the highest levels if the subject interests him truly.

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