Pharmacy College Requirements

Pharmacy colleges are the institutions that offer medicine related courses to the students. For the candidates who look forward to enter the field of medicine and have interest in chemistry, chemical equations and chemical reactions pharmacy is the best course The pharmacists are the professionals who are responsible for developing drugs and medicines from the chemical entities in order to save the lives of patients. The pharmacy college requirements are a set of those pre requisites that a candidate must satisfy in order to get admission in a pharmacy college. The basic requirements to enter a pharmacy college include some academic qualification requirements and passing a test which measures the skills in the candidate.

Requirements for admission in the pharmacy college:

  • A candidate who wants to become a pharmacist is required to pass the high school diploma preferably with science subject or is required to have completed GED.
  • The candidates are then required to enroll for two years undergraduate program from an accredited institution. The major subjects of the course must include algebra, biology, computer science, chemistry, mathematics and physics.
  • Then the candidates can apply for admission in the pharmacy college by submitting the exam score of their Pharmacy college admission test (PCAT). PCAT exam is an entrance examination which is mandatory for all the candidates who want to pursue their professional education from an accredited pharmacy college. Exam details of PCA exam are as follows:

This exam is arranged by American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP). The PCAT exam is intended to test a candidate on various perspectives like scientific & chemical knowledge required to commence the pharmaceutical education and candidates are also tested on their general academic abilities. This exam includes questions from varied academic subjects like chemistry, biology, basic mathematics, verbal ability, written English and general aptitude.

  • After completing the exam the candidates can apply for various colleges under pharmacy education division. Along with the exam results, candidates are also required to submit their high school score report, letters of recommendation and other formal documents.
  • The candidates looking forward for pharmacy education are also required to pass a medical examination, which is conducted to assess their general physical fitness. This is to ensure that the individuals are capable of attending the regular laboratory and classroom course without any medical problem. Some specialized medical tests are also required for specific laboratory classes but those tests are conducted during the course and not count as an initial requirement.

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