Pharmacist College Requirements

Pharmacists are the professionals who deal with medications and drugs and can be regarded as a vital part of the health care team. Pharmacists are responsible for turning chemical entities into lifesaving medicines. Pharmacist college requirements are those tests and skills that a student must clear and possess respectively to get through to Pharmacist colleges. Pharmacist studies are fast becoming one of the most popular career choices and hence more and more students are applying to Pharmacist colleges. Students have to do a two year pre-professional undergraduate coursework and then do degree in Pharmacy. Subjects chosen by students at the high school which help them for college admissions are usually biology, chemistry, algebra physics, medical science education etc.

The students aspiring for a career in the pharmacy field must ensure that they select right set of subjects which are mentioned above as the subject choices for high school, again either in the first year of their college education or in their pre-pharmacy courses.

Pre-requisites to enter a pharmacy college

  • High school diploma with excellent marks
  • Two years of undergraduate training with major subjects like chemistry, biology, algebra, physics, mathematics, computer science etc.
  • Then you have to take the PCAT (Pharmacy college admission test) to apply for admission in the pharmacist college
  • To enter into the field of pharmacy and Pharmacist College you must possess good knowledge about the chemicals, their combinations and chemical reactions. As in the pharmacy college, your most of the education is focused on chemicals elements and their useful combinations which have the capacity to cure a disease.

PCAT (Pharmacy college admission test)

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) arranges this exam as the entrance exam for the admission in pharmacist colleges. This exam focuses on testing a candidate on general academic ability and scientific knowledge required for the commencement of pharmaceutical education. The subject knowledge required for this exam include biology, chemistry, general aptitude, chemistry, written English, verbal ability and basic mathematics.

After clearing the PCAT exam, students get enrolled for the four years professional degree course in pharmacy. Candidates are also required to show a consistent performance in the college throughout the four years of study. They should pass the exams with good scores. After graduating from an accredited school of pharmacy, the candidates are required to pass the state board exam, followed by internship training under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. As soon as the candidate fulfills these requirements, candidate becomes a licensed pharmacy practitioner and pharmacist.

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