Pharmacist’s Education and Job Requirements

Pharmacist’s Requirements

Pharmacists are health care professionals whose traditional role has been that of a compounder who provides the patient with the medicines prescribed in the prescription and advices them about the usage of these drugs and their potential advantages and disadvantages. However with changing times their roles have also changed drastically and today many pharmacists’ work in public health care units and gives free medical advice to patients.

Pharmacist’s Educational Requirements:

«     Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy.

«     Candidates should have knowledge about the composition of various drugs

«     Candidates must have a full time experience of at least 1 year before he can apply for the said position

Pharmacist’s Job Requirements:

«     Applicant should be very responsible and knowledgeable about various drugs that he will be delivering to the patients. A small mistake can be life threatening

«     Applicant should continuously upgrade himself about different drugs being launched in the market and about their potential effect and side effects

«     Applicant should have a calm disposition of mind and patience to deal with patients, and explain to them about the right process and time of taking them

A Pharmacist’s job may not be a very high profile one, but it is gradually gaining ground. Candidates should have a lot of empathy and patience to do well in this field

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