Pharmaceutical Technician Education and Job Requirements

Pharmaceutical Technician Requirements

A pharmaceutical technical has a challenging job, nevertheless a very interesting one. The professional helps the executives and administrators of a particular pharmaceutical company in processing various assignments and projects on scheduled time and within the regulatory framework of the company. On many of the occasions, the pharmaceutical technician has to work in a team of employees. He/she also work individually in certain cases. The person may help the chemist and the medical experts employed in the pharmaceutical company. He/she may also help the administrative executive of the company. Basically, a pharmaceutical technician has to remain on his/her toes for assisting in variegated number of tasks.

Education Requirements:

  • A high school degree from a reputed educational institute in any stream with decent grades.
  • An under-graduate degree in pharmaceutical studies or even in management studies with good grades from a well known college is highly sought.
  • Though not required, but a master’s degree in pharmacy or in a subject similar to this field would put the candidate at an advantageous position.
  • Certified training in pharmacy related assignments from an accredited institute is a bonus.

Job Requirements:

  • A minimum experience of 12 to 18 months as a pharmaceutical technician in a reputed company.
  • Must possess excellent skills of documentation so as to neatly record the regular business and other technical activities of the concerned company.
  • Should have very good coordination skills and must be able to follow the instructions.
  • Should have good team spirits.
  • Must have basic knowledge about the various processed related to the technical aspects of a pharmaceutical company.

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