Pharmaceutical Sales Education and Job Requirements

Pharmaceutical Sales Requirements

For any company, the main operational activity that garners revenue earnings is selling of products. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception. A job in pharmaceutical sales is very challenging that requires managing a host of responsibilities. One of those is selling of pharmaceutical products to the targeted clients. Another primary responsibility is creation of leads that would increase the rate of sales growth. On most of the occasions, the concerned professional doing this job has to work in a team and needs to report to his/her immediate senior. The person is required to document the day-to-day business of the particular pharmaceutical company. He/she also needs to evaluate the performance of his/her subordinates.

Education Requirements:

  • A high school degree in any stream from a reputed educational institute with good grades.
  • An undergraduate degree in management studies or in sales and marketing from a good college is highly sought.
  • A graduate degree is not necessary but the candidates with a master’s degree in sales and marketing are seriously considered for the position.
  • Certified training in pharmaceuticals selling from an accredited institute is highly desirable.

Job Requirements:

  • A minimum experience of at least 12 to 15 months as a sales executive in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Should possess excellent communication skills in order to increase the clientele base.
  • Must be having good team spirits.
  • Should be able to coordinate among the seniors and fellow workers.
  • The interested applicant must document the day to day business activities related to the selling of pharmaceutical products.

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  1. in pharmeceutical sales, do you earn a constant pay check every month like the same mount of money, on average how much money will i earn by the end of each year?

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