Pharmaceutical Marketing Education Requirements

Pharmaceutical marketing is a vast field with many career opportunities and choices one can select according to his strengths and skills. It involves market research, product development, sales work and customer relationship, among others. The primary responsibility of a pharmaceutical marketing executive is to inform the consumer and client about the various features of a pharmaceutical product like medicines or medical equipment and thereby meet the company’s sales target.

They help to create promotional activities depending on the needs and purchasing power of the consumer which they do after conducting research on the people with various medical conditions. They also take part in the branding, setting the price and create various marketing strategies.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Education Requirements:

  • The educational requirements will depend on the post you are applying for but need to study some basic subjects like economics, business management, sales, marketing, statistics, finance, pharmaceutical ethics, health care marketing and accounting no matter which role you are applying for
  • Most people do undergraduate or graduate studies in marketing and some also go for advertising and public relations which can help you in this field
  • You should also be good at computers so that you can conduct research on a product and also by making online questionnaires
  • There are many companies which provide internship opportunities where you can develop your skills

Pharmaceutical Marketing Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as a pharmaceutical marketing executive can choose to study the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management
  • Masters in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical and Health Care Marketing
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical and Health Care Marketing for Executives

Pharmaceutical Marketing Qualification and Training:

It is very important to develop excellent interpersonal, communication, negotiation and networking skills if you want to succeed in this field. You must also be good with numbers, have eye for details, do proper research and have an analytical frame of mind. Read and keep yourself updated on what the different pharmaceutical companies especially your competition is developing and also what the consumer needs so that you make the product and fix the right price.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Colleges and Universities:

Pharmaceutical Marketing Wages and Salaries:

The average annual salary of a pharmaceutical marketing executive can reach up to $136,000 a year in addition to commissions and bonuses. The top level executives earn close to $150,000 a year and beginners may earn $78,000.

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