What is a Pharmaceutical Education

Pharmaceutical education aims at providing skills and training to aspiring pharmacists. Pharmacists are key players in the inexhaustible set of players in the health care industry along with nurses, doctors, paramedics, etc. Each player’s role is important in the functioning of other players’ roles. A pharmacist’s role is to interact with the patients and provide them the drugs prescribed to them by their doctors.

However, this isn’t just another form of retail; the pharmacist has the responsibility to educate the patient on the usage of the drugs and other precautionary measures to be taken, to check that the right drugs are dispensed, etc. A pharmacist also has administrative duties like supervision of staff, filing prescription forms, etc.

These are the skills that are imparted to an aspiring pharmacist in pharmaceutical education. A pharmacist has a lot of responsibilities on his or her shoulder, one of which includes working at all possible times- throughout the night, on holidays and on weekends. Pharmaceutical education is acquired after one obtains a bachelor’s degree in any course and then a doctor’s degree from a pharmacy school.

  • Students with three years of college education are eligible to apply for pharmacy school. However, many do graduate before pursuing pharmaceutical education. Degrees in biology or chemistry can make it the pharmaceutical education course easier.
  • After two years of college or graduation, one has to obtain a four year Doctor degree in Pharmacy that is accredited by the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education. In this, students are taught toxicology, biopharmaceuticals, patient care, pharmacy ethics and law, etc. Clinical practice through internships under licensed pharmacists is also encouraged to develop professional skills.
  • This Doctor’s degree in pharmacy is a prerequisite to obtaining a license to become a legal distributor of drugs. The examination that one needs to pass for the license is North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination. Criminal background evaluation and experience in the field are also considered

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