Petroleum Geologist’s Education and Job Requirements

Petroleum Geologist’s  Requirements

Petroleum geologists are responsible for studying the earth’s crust and identifying area’s and location of petroleum fields. They study the nature of the deposit and along with the petroleum engineers decide the provision of drilling petroleum. Accordingly they prepare charts and maps and submit it to higher authorities for approval. It’s very clear from their job description that it’s a very critical job which requires a lot of technical skill and hardworking

Petroleum Geologist’s Education Requirements:

  • Candidate should have a bachelors or a masters degree in geology from  a reputed institute
  • Candidate should have a license for public safety
  • Candidates should have a minimum experience in the mining or drilling industry.

Petroleum Geologist’s Job Requirements:

  • Applicant should have good physical stamina and should be well equipped to handle the physical strain of field work
  • Applicant should have perseverance, because locating a particular oil deposit is not an easy task that cannot be accomplished in one day’s time
  • Applicant should have a keen sense of observation and analysis, so that he can collect and analyze all data which is found on the field.
  • Applicant should have very good interpersonal skills which is necessary for communicating with engineers and scientists for research work.

Candidates who fulfill these criterions can be regarded as an idle candidate for the post of a petroleum geologist.

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