Pest and Weed Controller Education and Job Requirements

Pest and Weed Controller Requirements

The pest and weed controller’s job is manifold. They are entrusted with the precarious job of exterminating the pests of the surroundings like the homes, schools, offices and factories. Moreover, they maintain gardens, lawns and developed landscapes and keep them free of pests and weeds. This job is important because if they are not taken care of, the pests would directly harm the plants and the weeds would compete with the useful plants for nutrition. Therefore, to employ candidates in this position, the following points should be noted.

Education Requirements:

  • A high school degree is required, at least.
  • One can undertake various certificate courses and training programs on pest and weed management.
  • The knowledge can also be gathered while on job.

Job Requirements:

  • Gathering knowledge about the specific type of equipment and machinery required
  • Purchasing of the proper machineries and equipment.
  • Studying and keeping track or the rules and regulations that are levied on some specific methods of pest and weed termination.
  • Abiding by the rules for a healthier environment and to remove the hazards posed to the health of human beings and animals.
  • Doing the work in accordance with the contractors and the owners.
  • Monitoring the various pest management programmes and adopting the most suitable according to the specific requirements of the target piece of property.
  • Solving various problems using mathematical skills to evaluate the cost of the program adopted which should necessarily include the machinery operating cost, cost of chemicals and labour charges.

Thus for acquiring a position of pest and weed controller one must posses certain education and job skills.

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