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Personal trainers are the professionals who are responsible for designing, supervising and supporting the fitness regimes of people and help them in getting the desired body shape. The education for these candidates must focus on imparting knowledge of nutrition, diet plans, exercising concepts and exercising techniques. The education programs designed for personal trainers must give emphasis on all the aspects and facets of their job responsibilities, and must prepare them with all the skills required design and supervise exercise regimes for clients.

These candidates work with gymnasiums, health centers and can also work on freelance basis. These job responsibilities of these candidates requires them to work on gym floors, hence their education programs must give adequate emphasis on practical trainings along with classroom study.

Personal training Education Requirements:

  • The candidates interested to take up personal training as their professional career must have passed high school.
  • These candidates can take up courses like exercise science or fitness related degrees during their undergraduate and graduate level education.
  • These candidates must have a well build physique and must also possess excellent knowledge regarding diet & nutrition.

Personal training Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A candidate looking forward to become a personal trainer must consider following degrees and certifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree or associates degree in athletic training, physical fitness training, exercise science or any other closely related subject.
  • These candidates must also obtain necessary certification in personal training by passing certification exams offered by any of the following councils and associations, as per their interest level and requirement:
      •   American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
      •   National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
      •   American Council on Exercise (ACE)
      •   National Academy of Sports Medicine  (NASM)

Personal training Education Qualification and Training:

The job profile of a fitness trainer requires them to help clients to achieve desired fitness goals. They may need to work on weight loss with one group of people and on muscle gain with other group. Hence they must possess excellent knowledge of exercising techniques and their outcomes. These candidates are also required to supervise clients during exercises to monitor if they are making any wrong moves.

All these skills can only be developed through comprehensive practical trainings. Hence their coursework must include comprehensive training programs in order to prepare them for their job responsibilities.

Personal training Education Colleges and Universities:

Personal training Education Wages and Salaries:

These candidates can earn up to $18,000 – $45,000 on yearly basis.

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