Personal Financial Advisor Education Requirements

The personal financial advisor education consists of acquiring the necessary skills in order to help different clients, generally individuals, with their personal finance matters. The training and education is done in order to meet requirements such as choosing the correct insurance plan, making the right strategies for investment, stock market and retirement options for the particular client.

It becomes necessary to acquire education, specialized training and professional qualifications in order to establish oneself in this field. There are no specific criteria to fulfill in order to become a personal financial advisor. However, it is preferable to have a proper educational and professional experience to ensure higher employment chances. Various colleges and universities offer courses relevant to this field. There are specialized diploma courses that can be taken up by the aspiring financial advisor.

Personal Financial Advisor Education Requirements

  • It is important that the personal financial advisor has acquired his high school degree with an overall high GPA.
  • Graduate and post-graduate level courses which consist of economics, interpersonal relations, mathematics can be taken up and are offered by various colleges and universities.
  • There are certificate courses that can be opted for as well. This includes online institutions, workshops and universities. These courses essentially have to do with tax planning, investment portfolio making, employee benefits package and other such related issues.

Personal Financial Advisor Education Degrees, Courses and Certificates

It is necessary that the personal financial advisor has the following qualifications in order to successfully establish oneself in this field:

  • High School Diploma with a 3.5 GPA
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Interpersonal Relations, Mathematics
  • Master’s Degree in Interpersonal Relations, Mathematics or Economics
  • Certification in Employment Benefit Package Management, Investment Portfolio, Risk Management

Personal Financial Advisor Qualification and Training

In order to become a personal financial advisor, it becomes imperative to get trained, besides acquiring the educational degrees necessary. The training is part of the education process where through internships one is able to gain skills. These help the aspirant in understanding, formulating and strategizing the plans for investment. It also helps to understand the different needs of various clients and plan accordingly.

Personal Financial Advisor Colleges and Universities

Personal Financial Advisor Wages and Salaries

As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of the personal financial advisor is about $69,000. However those who deal with securities get around $100,500. Insurance advisors get around $78,900.

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