Perfusion Technician Education and Job Requirements

Perfusion Technician Requirements

Perfusion technicians are employed in the critical surgical departments in a hospital. They are responsible to assist the surgeon, set up the life-saver heart-lung machine that keeps pumping blood and oxygen in the patient’s body. Apart from these, a perfusion technician should also be able to take on the spot decisions while monitoring the patients. They need to be wary of any major changes in the patient’s body which can turn severe and inform the surgical team immediately. Generally perfusion technicians need to work for long durations until the patient turns to a stable condition. They should be accountable, responsible, and be able to work under immense pressure.

Education Requirements:

  • Students who want to consider pursuing a career as a perfusion technician should have education in streams like biology, anatomy, surgery, medicine, etc.
  • Ideally students need to complete their Bachelor’s in Medicine and Bachelor’s in Surgery and then take up one of the above as their specialisation.
  • Candidates should also be able to read and operate different apparatus during surgical operations for which they require knowledge in mathematics, computers, etc.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates are generally put up in critical surgery departments, so the work is always expected to be hectic.
  • Candidates should be responsible and should be able to rely on experience to take several spot decisions.
  • Candidates must be aware of medical terminologies especially those related to surgery.
  • They are expected to act in a supportive role to the medical surgeon, take his or her orders, and perform them within time limits.
  • The candidates must have good communication and interpersonal skills.

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