Pediatrician Education Requirements

A pediatrician is a doctor who works mainly with children as well as teenagers and is responsible for treating their illnesses. A pediatrician may either work independently at a clinic or may get a job at a hospital or a health care centre etc. Becoming a pediatrician involves specific education and this includes schooling, medical school as well as residency.

But after the hard work, the rewards are high in this field as there are many job opportunities for pediatricians all across the world. Let’s take a look at the main education requirements of a pediatrician.

Pediatrician Education Requirements

  • Anybody who is interested in becoming a pediatrician has to be prepared for a long and extensive education which includes clearing high school with medical science as the opted subject.
  • A bachelor’s degree in a science related subject, preferably biology or chemistry is required at graduation level to become a pediatrician.
  • After the undergraduate studies, one needs to complete medical school and pediatric residency too.

Pediatrician Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are certain courses, licensing exams and certificates which a candidate interested in becoming a pediatrician must attain before applying for a formal job:

  • It is important for every pediatrician to attain a specialty certificate in this field before applying for a job or before opting for independent practice.
  • Every state provides a licensure to its doctors and pediatricians which legally allow them to practice.
  • Residency is an important part of becoming a pediatrician. It involves three years of practice which provides candidates with the experience and exposure so that they can handle patients on their own while actual practice.

Pediatrician Qualifications and Training

Education surely forms a major part in becoming a pediatrician but besides that, a candidate interested in this profession must equip himself/herself with the training and skills which are necessary to become a good doctor and deal with children. This field requires a lot of patience, skills, knowledge and dedication which come by taking training programs and other courses etc in the same field.

Pediatrician Colleges and Universities

Pediatrician Wages and Salaries

There is no fixed salary figure for a pediatrician. Some working independently may earn more than those employed at hospitals depending upon their qualifications, experience and track record but the average salary of a pediatrician is $138000. There are many job opportunities and tremendous scope to grow in this field.

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