Pediatric Physician Assistant Education Requirements

A Pediatric Physician assistant is an individual who works under the direct supervision of a licensed medical doctor and provides children with diagnostic care. Any person who is trained, skilled and educated to be a pediatric physician assistant helps children in receiving therapeutic care, and prevention against diseases and illnesses. These individuals are often employed at hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, government medical centers etc.

To qualify for employment at this position, a candidate needs to complete an accredited and specialized pediatric PA medical program. In some cases, the aspiring pediatric physician assistant may also be required to pass the physician assistant national certifying examination (PANCE). Let’s take a more detailed look regarding the educational requirements for a pediatric physician assistant post.

Pediatric Physician Assistant Education Requirements

The following educational requirements are the ones which an aspiring pediatric physician assistant needs to fulfill:

  • Higher secondary education is a must for one to go on and become a pediatric physician assistant.
  • One can opt for a health related college degree in nursing or emergency medical technology. Apart from this, one can also take up PA training which generally lasts for 4 years.
  • Basic knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology etc is also a must for one to become a pediatric physician assistant.

Pediatric Physician Assistant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are the various courses, degrees and certifications which must be pursued by all those who are interested in becoming pediatric physician assistants:

  • High school diploma certificate from an accredited school.
  • Health related college degree in nursing, emergency medical technology is a must.
  • PA studies and certification is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to become a pediatric physician assistant.
  • One can opt for any level of PA program as these programs range from certificate courses to master’s degrees.

Pediatric Physician Assistant Qualification and Training

Apart from the formal educational requirements which one must fulfill so as to get employed at the position of a pediatric physician assistant, the aspiring candidate must also gain some supervised clinical experience which can be obtained during the PA training.

Pediatric Physician Assistant Colleges and Universities

Pediatric Physician assistant Wages and Salaries

There are many job prospects for people interested in the field of pediatric physician assistant. The median yearly salary for physician assistants or PAs is $84420.  Those with less than one year of experience may receive a lesser amount than those with more.

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