Pediatric Physical Therapist Assistant Education Requirements

A pediatric physical therapist assistant is an individual who is an assistant to a pediatric physical therapist practitioner. Any individual working at this position needs to take care of infants, children and teenagers by preventing diseases, curing illnesses and disorders etc.

These individuals must have specialized training, education and experience in this field and should be capable of taking care of children. Any pediatric physical therapist assistant should be able to take instructions from the practitioner and follow those orders properly. To get to this position, one needs to fulfill certain specific education requirements, a detail of which have been given below.

Pediatric Physical Therapist Assistant Education Requirements

The following are the various education requirements which a pediatric physical therapist assistant must fulfill in order to get a job.

  • The first step to become a pediatric physical therapist assistant is to complete high school education from an accredited school. Schooling must be completed in a field related to health science and medical studies.
  • The next step is to complete a bachelor’s degree in a science or math related subject.
  • One can also apply for a physical therapy internship after completing bachelor’s education.
  • After this, a post graduate degree in physical therapy is also required together with residency program

Pediatric Physical Therapist Assistant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

  • GED certificate or high school diploma certificate.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a science or math related subject or field.
  • Post graduate degree in Physical therapy.
  • Doctorate degree in physical therapy also known as DPT or doctorate of physical therapy.
  • One year of clinical experience.
  • Residency with 1500 hours of practice.
  • Licensure by giving examination which is conducted by the state.
  • Apply for certification with the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.

Pediatric Physical Therapist Assistant Qualification and Training

Along with the various educational requirements, one also needs certain amount of experience and training before applying for the job of a pediatric physical therapist assistant. This can be attained during the residency program which covers the required hours of clinical training.

Pediatric Physical Therapist Assistant Colleges and Universities

Pediatric Physical Therapist Assistant Wages and Salaries

There is always a need for pediatric physical therapist assistants in hospitals and clinics. The average median salary of a person working at this position is $49000. This figure may be dependent upon the exact work place of the candidate, his skills and experience and other factors.

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