Pediatric Oncology Nurse Education Requirements

A Pediatric Oncology Nurse is a nurse who is responsible for working with those children who are suffering from cancer. This is a field which requires really superior level nurses with ample of work experience and sensitivity to handle the challenging job duties which this job comes with.  The skills which are required by a person working at this position include activeness, good communication skills, decision making ability and good listening skills.

But apart from the skills required, one must not forget that there is an extensive educational path which one needs to walk on before reaching the position of a Pediatric Oncology nurse. So let’s take a look at the various educational requirements which a pediatric oncology nurse needs to fulfill.

Pediatric Oncology Nurse Education Requirements

The following are the educational requirements of a pediatric oncology nurse:

  • Higher secondary education is a must for anyone who wishes to enter the field of nursing and pediatric oncology nursing. One must focus on Science subjects during schooling to get to this position.
  • An associate level degree or program in the field of nursing is another compulsory requirement for anyone who wishes to be a pediatric oncology nurse.
  • Some nurses may also pursue post graduation in the same field.

Pediatric Oncology Nurse Degrees, Courses and Certifications

In order to become a pediatric oncology nurse, a candidate needs to fulfill the following certificate and degree requirements:

  • High school diploma from a recognized school.
  • Associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing(BSN).
  • Registered Nurse (RN) certification, which can be obtained after passing an examination which is held by the state.
  • One also needs 1-3 years of nursing experience to get to the position apart from skills like computer skills, communication skills etc.

Pediatric Oncology Nurse Qualification and Training

Since one cannot jump to the position of a pediatric oncology nurse immediately after getting registered as a nurse, he/she must work in a clinical environment for 1-3 years to be able to understand the nuances of the job and how different working with children is. This training is an absolute must before entering a critical field of treating children with cancer.

Pediatric Oncology Nurse Colleges and Universities

Pediatric Oncology Nurse Wages and Salaries

The average median salary of anyone who is working at the designation of a Pediatric Oncology Nurse is $50000. There are many work positions and growth opportunities for those aspiring to become pediatric oncology nurses.

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