Payroll Manager Education Requirements

A payroll manager is hired in the payroll department of the organization to ensure that the employee salaries are calculated in advance and paid on time. The payroll manager belongs to the human resource department of the organizations and performs the finance functions related to the position. The payroll manager also hears employee grievances if any that are related to the compensation of the employee and helps in sorting it out. Candidates who would like to be part of the human resource department and play the role of a payroll manager should try to gain relevant skills like compensation and benefits, payment of taxes, withholding tax, etc.

Candidates would need to develop skills in finance and also possess skills in ensuring a healthy relationship between the employee and the firm. The following are the educational requirements and certification requirements pertaining to the job role of a payroll manager.

Payroll Manager Educational Requirements

  • On the education front, candidates should be keen on acquiring skills in human resource, finance, etc by enrolling into courses like bachelor of business administration and master of business administration.
  • There are also graduate certification courses available in human resources that can be taken up by interested students.
  • There are dual degree courses that provide degree specialization in both finance and human resources. Such courses are ideal and candidates with those professional degrees would be the preferred applicants.

Payroll Manager Degree, Courses, and Certifications

The following are some of the most recommended courses if a candidate is desirous to pursue the career option of a payroll manager:

  • Bachelor of Science, Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration, Finance
  • BS in Finance and Accounting
  • Graduate Certificate – Accounting
  • MBA – Accounting for Managers

Payroll Manager Qualifications and Training

Prospective payroll managers can take up graduate certification courses in their minor specialized courses and gain the requisite knowledge which will be beneficial and useful while performing the role of a payroll manager in the human resource department of an organization.

Payroll Manager Colleges and Universities

Payroll Manager Wages and Salaries

Opportunities to work as payroll managers can be found in sectors like health care, educational institutions, construction, manufacturing and distribution, retail, etc. The position is available in almost all industries spanning different verticals. According to the salary estimates of Pay Scale and released in the form of the National Salary data, the annual compensation of a payroll manager is about $34,000 to $84,000 per year. The median salary is $58,000 approximately.

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