Payroll Administrative Assistant Education Requirements

A payroll administrative assistant works under the direction of payroll manager in matters related to compensation and benefits for employees of a firm. The payroll administrative assistant should be aware of basic payroll functions that are carried out in a firm like calculation of salaries, reduction of taxes, withholding of taxes, submitting taxes to central authorities, complying with employment rules, disbursing payment of salaries to all employees, etc.

Candidates who would like to become a payroll administrative assistant should at least complete their graduation in accounting or take up business administration courses in finance or human resources. The following are the educational requirements, degree, courses and certifications, qualifications and training, wages and salaries pertaining to the job of a payroll administrative assistant.

Payroll Administrative Assistant Educational Requirements

  • Primarily candidates need to complete their basic education in good schools and pass examination with excellent grades.
  • There is no definite education that is to be completed in order to qualify for the job of a payroll administrative assistant. However if candidates pursue courses in finance, accounting, human resources, etc then it will be very beneficial.
  • Candidates can also take up degree courses in master of business administration in finance or human resource concentration.
  • Candidates are expected to have good business acumen and good interpersonal skills.

Payroll Administrative Assistant Degree, Courses, and Certifications

Candidates who would like to become a payroll administrative assistant can consider the following options as their courses:

  • GED or High School Diploma
  • Associate of Business Administration
  • Bachelor Studies in Business Administration
  • AAS in Business Administration – Office Management
  • AAS in Payroll Administrative Assistant.

Payroll Administrative Assistant Qualifications and Training

The payroll administrative assistant qualifications and training are as per specified above. Additionally candidates can take up courses in general business, payroll administration, etc to gain in-depth knowledge in these courses. Candidates who have at least 1-2 years of experience in the payroll department would get an advantage over the others.

Payroll Administrative Assistant Colleges and Universities

Payroll Administrative Assistant Wages and Salaries

There are various openings to work as payroll administrative assistant in sectors such as construction, health care, medical centers, nursing homes, manufacturing and distribution companies, etc. The salary projection for the position of a payroll administrative assistant is $10 to $19 on an hourly basis. This translates to an average annual compensation of $22,000 to $44,000 per annum with the average being $33,000 per annum. These salary projections are based upon the extensive salary research conducted by Pay Scale.

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