Parking Lot Attendant Education Requirements

A parking lot attendant is a professional who works in parking lots where the people entrust their cars to the attendants who parks the car on their behalf. Sometimes they also instruct the people where to locate the vehicles. To maintain order a parking lot professional provide a numbered tag to the customer and put the same numbered tag on the windshield of the customers’ cars.

On return of the customers parking lot attendant delivers their cars to them and sometimes charge money for the parking. But most of the time cashiers handle the money. Apart from this they patrol the areas to check that no damage is done to the vehicles.

They even keep the parking area clean so that they can maximize the usage of the space as well as maintain order. They also greet the customers and open the doors for them.

Parking Lot Attendant Education Requirements

  • A candidate who wants to become a parking lot attendant must have a high school diploma.
  • Though a degree from high school is enough but it is helpful for the candidate to do some courses in auto mechanics to become a professional parking lot attendant.
  • The candidate must know how to drive and must have a driving license.
  • Another important aspect is that the candidate must know clerical tasks and simple mathematics.

Parking Lot Attendant Degrees, Courses and Certification

A candidate must consider these degrees, courses given below if he wishes to be a parking lot professional.

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Basic writing skills and knowledge of mathematics
  • Courses in auto mechanics.
  • Course in driving and successfully passed in it.
  • Course in customer and personal services.

Parking Lot Attendant Qualification and Training

To become a parking lot attendant professional training is very important. As there is no proper qualification available apart from the course mentioned above; it is very important for the candidate to take extensive training in it.

An experienced parking lot professional can teach the candidate the job. With proper training the parking lot attendant professional can enhance their career by becoming supervisor or manager.

Parking Lot Attendant Colleges and Universities

Parking Lot Attendant Wages and Salary

The salary of parking lot attendant varies depending upon the type of an organization they work with. On an average, a person working in this position earns around $29,703 annually. Tips from customers acts as an extra income.

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