Paralegal Certificate Requirements

Paralegals are considered as the professionals who assist the lawyers in their legal work. Paralegals are also known as legal assistants. Paralegal certificate requirements can be referred as the set of procedures, courses or exams that a candidate must take to qualify for paralegal certificate. A paralegal certificate is considered to be the minimum requirement for an entry level paralegal job.

As far as paralegal studies are concerned you can join an associate degree program or bachelor’s degree program, and then take certificate courses in paralegal course.

Requirements to obtain a paralegal education:

  • You can join a community college paralegal course which grants you an associate degree in paralegal studies.
  • The other way to obtain a paralegal certificate is by joining an accredited college for paralegal studies, where you can pursue bachelors and master’s degree in paralegal studies.
  • You can also get trained in paralegal activities and skills by joining the employers who are authorized to train paralegals with on job training.
  • One of the options that most of the students prefer is to join an associate or bachelor’s degrees in any course with paralegal as a major or elective subject.
  • The students, who have completed their studies with no subject related to paralegals, can also acquire paralegal education by joining a paralegal certificate level course whose duration ranges from 4-8 months.

Requirements to obtain a paralegal certification:

  • To obtain paralegal certification you have to pass certain exams designed by authorized paralegal bodies, and these exams hold the value and recognition all over the country. Following are the ways in which you can acquire the certification in paralegal studies:
  • You can appear for Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) or Certified Paralegal (CP) examinations. On successfully clearing any of these exams the candidate gets a paralegal certificate.
  • To become eligible for this examination, you must have either completed the graduation or associate degree from legal assistant program approved by American Bar council or any accredited university providing legal courses.
  • The candidates holding a bachelor’s degree in any field with minimum one year experience as a legal assistant.
  • You can also opt for a similar exam, Paralegal Advanced Competency Examination (PACE). The eligibility requirement to take PACE exam is that the candidate should possess an associate’s degree in paralegal studies from some accredited university or institution.
  • Candidates who do not possess bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies can also take the exam, provided that they have 3 years paralegal work experience.
  • Any candidate possessing 4 years of substantive experience in paralegal based jobs are also eligible for PACE exam.

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