Package Designer Educational Requirements

A package designer is one who creates the look of the package of products so that they look appealing to the buyer. When everything today sells because of the way it appeals to the customers, sellers are incorporating designs even into the packaging of their products to send across their product and company’s message in the best possible way. People don’t usually start as package designers; they always plan to become furniture designers, electronics designers, auto designers, etc. They move on to this field due to greater and lucrative opportunities.

Like any aspiring designer, a package designer must have artistic abilities and also an additional knowledge of 3D designing, multimedia, etc. ; without them it could be tough to produce your designs in a digital format. Creative and aesthetic skills are important as well as visual and conceptual skills.

Package designers can work for companies, agencies, set up their own production studios or work as a freelance designer.

Package Designing Education Requirement:

  • A package designer always starts off as an aspiring industrial designer. The ideal course for a package designer is a bachelor’s degree in industrial design. Other courses one can opt for is graphic design.
  • There are also colleges that offer associate degrees specifically in package designing. Another option one has is a minor in package designing which design colleges offer.
  • From the beginning of your first college year, you must maintain a portfolio of all your works that highlight your skills and talent. Also, it would be better if one interned under practising package designers to get firsthand experience.

Package Designing Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • Obtain a high school diploma.
  • You can obtain an associate degree, a minor in package designing with a college degree, or a bachelor’s degree in industrial design.
  • A master’s degree in graphic design is also beneficial.

Package Designing Qualifications, Training:

  • A package designer is trained in photography, 3D designing, typography design, colour theory, web design, multimedia, etc.
  • At the master’s level, focus is on logo designing, cosmetics packaging, food packaging, etc. Students are required to submit a project/ thesis on an original design and give oral presentations also. This means that strong communication skills are required to become a package designer.
  • Some colleges also require students of designing to work as interns which will give them experience in designing, the most sought after factor by employers of designers.

Package Designing Colleges and Universities:

Package Designing Wages and Salaries:

Salaries of a package designer vary according to the qualifications, skills and experience. Salaries start from $18,000 pa and can go up to $104,000.

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