Orthopedic Technician Education and Job Requirements

Orthopedic Technician Requirements

An Orthopaedic optician is one who assists orthopaedic surgeons in the surgery room, helps fix casts, braces, and splints, and providing recovery help to patients having problems with their bones. Orthopaedic technicians help patients to move with crutches and use orthopaedic equipments for treatments of orthopaedic patients. Patients with problems in bones, joints and fractures on bones, etc are called orthopaedic patients. A person needs to be specifically trained to become an orthopaedic technician. The following are the education and job requirements to become an orthopaedic technician.

Education Requirements:

  • Most orthopaedic technicians are graduates or post graduates with specialization in orthopaedics.
  • To increase the earning potential, candidates can do internships under any orthopaedic surgeon and get good practical exposure.
  • A few years of experience can increase the prospects of a person’s candidature.

Job Requirements:

  • Orthopaedic technicians may have to deal with patients of all age from young kids to senior citizens so they need to have good communication as well as interpersonal skills.
  • Candidates need to know how to use orthopaedic tools needed to treat ailments related to bones, fractures.
  • Candidates need to know how to apply and remove casts, braces, and splints.
  • Candidates need to take orders from surgeons and execute them as per strict time deadlines.
  • Candidates need to know different treatment procedures to cure bone and joint injuries.
  • Orthopaedic technicians need to know terminology related to medicine, orthopaedics, physiology, etc.
  • Candidates should be able to deal with patients with care.

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