Orthopedic Doctor Education Requirements

Orthopedic doctor is one who diagnoses and treats connective tissues, bones, tendons, skeleton and ligaments. This sort of work requires intricate procedures like hip replacements, replacement of broken finger etc. The treatments in this field change frequently. There are various kinds of specialists within this field as well. It takes exactly 14 years to become an orthopedic doctor and surgeon.

There are colleges and universities which offer medical courses and training which help in establishing in this field. Also, one can acquire license and practice privately or be hired by hospitals and healthcare centers.

Orthopedic Doctor Education Requirements

  • One has to take up undergraduate courses from an accredited medical college in chemistry, biology and physics. There will be the additional need to complete MCAT in four sections which include a verbal exam, physical science, biological science and written sample.
  • One has to become a medical school graduate as a DO or MD by completing 4 years of medical school out of which one has to spend two years assisting licensed doctors.
  • One has to take the National Board exam in medical studies and in fundamental medical knowledge. After this, he has to apply for residency program which will be followed by one year of internship and then four years of resident.
  • One can also go for specialties in sports medicine, pediatrics and also apply for continuing education in a fellowship program.

Orthopedic Doctor Degrees, Courses and Certification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Physics and related courses
  • MCAT from an accredited Medical School
  • Certification from the National Board Exam
  • Internship Certification from Resident Hospital
  • Continuing Education for Orthopedics in subspecialties

Orthopedic Doctor Qualification and Training

Training is part of the educational courses. There is no need to separately apply for any kind of internship program. Medical schools provide residency options to the students wherein he or she learns about the various ways to deal with patients and their problems. Communication with patients is most important and the doctor should be able to gently explain the problems and treatment. The training helps in gaining mechanical skills needed for surgeries, especially the complicated ones.

Orthopedic Doctor Colleges and Universities

Orthopedic Doctor Wages and Salaries

The wages of an orthopedic doctor depends on the hospital or practice type he is associated with. Generally, this is a highly paid job and one can get about $90,080 per annum. For those in private practice, the pay is even more.

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