Orthodontic Technician Education and Job Requirements

Orthodontic Technician Requirements

Orthodontic technicians follow direction from dentists and create dental apparatus to set patients teeth. They need to know how to use specialised equipments in dental laboratories. Most of the equipments are a combination of metals and plastic. Orthodontic technicians need to make dental appliances as suggested by the orthodontists. Some patients have tooth decay, or other tooth problems, while some others have gaps between their teeth. The dental equipments are very useful to set the teeth of the patient in the right manner. The education requirements and job requirements of an orthodontic technician are given below.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates should possess good working knowledge of dentistry. So one should ideally do post graduation in oral medicine specialisation.
  • Candidates must also possess certification or license to start working as an orthodontic technician.
  • Candidates with a few months of internship and work under the guidance of a dentist will prove to be an extremely positive factor during selection.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates should be aware of oral diseases and medications.
  • Candidates are expected to execute orders as per the prescription from a dentist or an orthodontist.
  • Candidates with computer skills, good hand-eye coordination, and flair in art will find it extremely easy to get a lucrative job and increase the earning potential.
  • Candidates should be able to read the prescriptions from an orthodontist.
  • Candidates with good training and exposure to the concepts in dentistry can be self-employed, work under a dentist, or work in any oral hospital.
  • The candidate should keep themselves aware about the latest tools and technology used in the orthodontic field.

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