Oracle Developer Education Requirements

An Oracle developer is a computer professional who uses Oracle products and typically has certifications from the company. Depending on the role, an Oracle developer can be a database analyst, designer or administrator, network administrator, systems administrator, computer programmer, web developer or web administrator.

Most employers want Oracle developers with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or computer technology. However, there are some employers, who also hire Oracle developers with associate degree and some amount of relevant experience. Hence, if a person wants to become an Oracle developer, it is best to get a bachelor’s degree along with certifications from Oracle.

Oracle Developer Education Requirements

To become an Oracle developer, the following education requirements are needed:

  • High school diploma or equivalent with good SAT scores
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field
  • Master’s degree, though desirable but not mandatory
  • Certification from Oracle

Oracle Developer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Students interested in becoming Oracle developers can choose from one of the following degrees and courses:

  • BS in IT – Business System Analyst
  • BS in IT – Database Technology
  • BS in IT – Database Administration and Data Center Operations
  • BS in Computer Info Systems – Information Systems Management
  • AA in Information Systems
  • AA in IT – Database Development
  • Certification in Information Systems Security
  • Master’s degree in Information Systems
  • MS in Information Systems – Software Engineering
  • MS in Business Information Management
  • MS in Enterprise Information Security
  • MS in Computer Science – Database Systems
  • Certifications by OracleTop of Form

Oracle Developer Qualifications and Training

An Oracle developer acquires most training and knowledge during undergraduate studies, on the job and by taking Oracle certifications. There are some Oracle certifications that require the developer to pass exams and preparation for these courses can be done at community colleges, university extension programs or through Oracle. As the person gets higher certifications, they have to complete training approved by Oracle and then sit for exams.

Online training is available through Oracle University. Majority of Oracle certifications are progressive in nature. These certifications ensure that the Oracle develop has thorough knowledge about Oracle products and can resolve issues related to these products or even use Oracle programs as a basis for developing computer applications and software.

Other qualifications include being a team player, outstanding communication skills and having an eye for details.

Oracle Developer Colleges and Universities

Oracle Developer Wages and Salary

The average salary for an Oracle developer is about $97,000 per annum.

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