Optician Education Requirements

An optician is a trained professional who is in charge of eye care and helps patients in selecting and fitting of contact lenses and spectacles. An optician may either work independently or may be employed at an eye hospital or an optical clinic. An optician is responsible for taking the readings of the eye number and then suggesting the right eyewear to the patients.

The job of an optician requires a lot of training, skills and proper education to fulfill the duties and responsibilities which come tagged with it. If you wish to know about the education and other requirements which are needed in order to become an optician, then you can refer to the following given information.

Optician Education Requirements

  • Any candidate qualifying for Optician position must possess high school education.
  • A 2 year or a 4 year associate degree in opticianry may offer an advantage to the candidates interested in this field.  These courses educate students in the anatomy and physiology of the human eye and other similar things.
  • In some states, it is mandatory for an optician to have a license or certificate. This varies from state to state.

Optician Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Any person who is interested in becoming an optician must fulfill certain course and certificate requirements and some of them are given as follows:

  • Higher secondary education is a must for anyone to pursue a career in optician studies.
  • An associate degree from an accredited institute is also often considered preferable. This course generally lasts either for 2 or for 4 years.
  • A certification in optician studies is often asked by several states. This certification is offered by the American board of Opticianry and the National contact lens examiners.

Optician Qualification and Training

Apart from the formal education requirements, any person who is looking for the position of an optician must also gain training in the field. For this purpose, one may require to train under an optician or in an optical store or clinic to gain the necessary amount of experience. One can also gain training during the course of the degree program and learn about communication skills, opticianry etc.

Optician Colleges and Universities

Optician Wages and Salaries

Any person working as an optician is likely to earn an average salary of $34000. This salary figure may vary according to the work setting, qualifications of the candidate, skill sets of the candidate and other factors.

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