Optical Engineer Education Requirements

An optical Engineer is a person who focuses on application of optics, including laser devices, fiber optic communication and radar system. They design electronic circuitry and optical devices according to the provided specification. Certified Optical Technicians work in optical shops, labs and offices.

The job of an optical engineer requires sheer effort and high education. The student should be very skilled and technologically advanced. Even after getting the job, the individual requires to remain updated with the new technologies being launched daily. As they are the perfectionist of this field of engineering, they are consulted on every step of the engineering process.


Optical engineer education requirements


  • Bachelors degree in engineering
  • A master’s degree would be an added advantage.
  • Student must have a good knowledge of IT and it’s applications since they need to be savvy with simulation
  • Certified Optical Engineers require good communication abilities along with perfect math.


Optical engineer degrees & courses


  • A bachelor’s degree coursework includes physics, calculus, engineering statistics, magnetic fields and computer applications. It provides the individual with basic knowledge to get an entry in optical engineering.
  • A master’s degree in optical engineering has quantum mechanics, vision research, radiation, and detectors, principles of lasers and modern theory and instrumentation.
  • And a Ph.D. includes modern coherence theory, integrated photonics and optical materials in its coursework. In addition with this a lot of practical and laboratory work is required to achieve this degree.


 Optical Engineer qualifications and training

A high school diploma is required for taking certification exams. Technical schools programs for certification of Optical Engineers enhance their chance of certification. The American Board of Opticianry holds the certification exams. The students are given clinical practice and classroom lectures too. Those who aspire to be an optical engineer look for school which offers laboratory facilities that focus on current engineering standards.  Qualifications and training also means a lot when it comes to get a good job in the field.


Top colleges/ universities

 Optical Engineering wages and salary


The salary of an optical engineer depends on the number of years of experience that he has got in this profession. The opportunities of job growth are always available. They might get good packages with insurance, flexible work schedule facilities. The average salary of an optical engineer is $60,000. The salary also varies depending upon the type of organization the candidate works for and the type of job profile.



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