Ophthalmologist Education and Job Requirements

Ophthalmologist Requirements

The job of an ophthalmologist is mainly about treating the visual problems of the patients. The doctor of this category diagnoses the ailment of the eye and tries to cure it as per the conventional medical practices. People of different ages are treated by the eye-doctor. The ophthalmologist works in private hospitals or government medical institutions. He/she has knowledge about laser treatment of the eye related ailments. The details below tell about the education and job requirements for the post of an ophthalmologist.

Education requirements:

  • An MD with first class grades and ophthalmology as specialization.
  • A PhD in Ophthalmology works in hugely in favor of the candidate.
  • Extensive training in the application of ophthalmology related surgical techniques.

Job requirements:

  • Able to quickly diagnose the nature of ailment of the eye and initiate corrective medicinal and if necessary, surgical measures after going through the history of medical records of the patient.
  • Should have an expertise in handling the ophthalmological equipments and tools including various kinds of lenses.
  • Must have experience in treating patients suffering from cataract and glaucoma.
  • The interested candidates should maintain regular records of the treatments of the patients.

These details of the post of an ophthalmologist are helpful for a medical institute to focus on the correct person.

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