Operator Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Operator Trainee Requirements

An operator trainee is a professional who looks after the maintenance operations of a particular division or a plant. During the initial period, the operator trainee understands different operations like production or manufacturing and works under operations supervisor or operations manager. Candidates who want to become operator trainee should preferably possess masters in operations management to get a higher level operator position. They can also have specialised knowledge about operating different machines. There are also entry level operator trainee jobs that do not require any mandatory training but knowledge of that machine part or parts should be known. They undertake maintenance and repair of those parts. Various types of operator trainee positions are possible like refinery operator trainee, production operator trainee, telephone operator trainee, etc.

Education Requirements:

  • Different levels of operator trainees need different educational qualifications.
  • A higher level operator trainee position needs a general master in business management in operations specialisation.
  • And a specialised operator trainee job only needs education and knowledge in its operation.
  • Candidates should develop good analytical skills to detect problems and upgrade the machines for smooth flow of operations.

Job Requirements:

  • An operator trainee should conduct regular maintenance checks on various machines in the in-house operations so that they running in proper condition and to avoid severe breakdowns.
  • An operator trainee should work under the supervision of an operator manager or operator supervisor. He should take their orders and execute them effectively.
  • Operator trainees should perform their roles as expected to confirm their employment and progress in their careers.

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