Operations Assistant Education Requirements

Operations assistants work under the instructions of operation managers or supervisors and their work would be performed with the objective of streamlining the operations of the firm. An educational background and work experience in operations management is preferable. Students should look at gaining practical exposure of working in the operations department of firms in any industry to gain the hands-on knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of an operations assistant. This practical knowledge can be gained via internships or short term projects while pursuing their education in the field of operations. There are various top colleges and universities in the United States that teach courses in related courses like supply chain management, logistics, etc which can help the interested candidates.

Operations Assistant Educational Requirements

  • Candidates who are aiming to pursue their career as operations assistant would have to complete their high school diploma successfully and then pursue courses related to business or operations management from any top rated colleges and institutions.
  • Subjects that are mandatory for students to be aware of are basic mathematics, statistics, and computer sciences.
  • All the interested candidates would also have to possess necessary skills like good coordination skills and communication skills.

Operations Assistant Degree, Courses, and Certifications

Candidates can choose among the following degree courses to be qualified for applying for the position of an Operations Assistant in a firm:

  • Masters in Business Administration – Project Management
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Operations Management
  • BS in Business Administration – General
  • BS in Business Administration – Business Process Management
  • Doctor in Business Administration – Management

Operations Assistant Qualifications and Training

Employers prefer candidates who have done their graduation or post graduation in operations management. There are various certification courses in various industry verticals. So candidates should possess the business knowledge of the industry where they want to work as an operations assistant. Any part time or full time experience in this field would be valuable in gaining the requisite expertise. Candidates can have work experience as airline operations assistant, traffic control operations assistant, property operations assistant, merchandise operations assistant, etc.

Operations Assistant Colleges and Universities

Operations Assistant Wages and Salary

Candidates can work as operations assistant in industries like retail, medical, hospitality, manufacturing and distribution, shipping, transportation, warehousing, logistics, etc. According to the salary estimates of National Salary data developed by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of operations assistant ranges from $30,000 to $87,000 with the median salary being about $60,000.

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