Oil Refinery Foreman Education and Job Requirements

Oil Refinery Foreman Requirements

The primary responsibility that an oil refinery foreman shoulders is looking after the repair works in the various mechanical structures of the refinery. The oil refinery is a huge set up with loads of complex machines and advanced equipments. The infrastructure is huge. An oil refinery foreman is required to maintain the structural set ups of the refinery. He/she is also required to suggest for measures that would improve the efficiency of the structures and their durability.

Education Requirements:

  • A high school degree in the science stream is a must.
  • A bachelor’s degree is not necessary but the candidates with an undergraduate degree in refinery engineering would be seriously considered for the job.
  • Associated technical diploma in refinery repairing from an accredited institute would definitely be an added advantage.
  • Certified training in handling a foreman’s project is a plus.

Job Requirements:

  • A minimum experience of 12 to 15 months as an oil refinery foreman in a well known oil company is highly favoured.
  • Must possess ample knowledge of the repair works related to strengthening of the structures and upgrading them into more efficient infrastructure parts.
  • Should have an innovative frame of mind in order to tackle any untoward technical problem in any part of a particular structural unit.
  • Should be ever ready to work overtime when required.
  • Must maintain a tidy log of the work done on a regular basis on the maintenance front.
  • Should be able to abide by the schedule.
  • Must follow every detail of the safety regulations.

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