Oil Gas Education Requirements

Oil gas is a field which has a wide range of jobs and the educational qualifications for that varies according to the position one has applied for. Oil and gas workers refer to those people who do the job of drilling wells and handle other equipment needed for the process of extraction and transportation of oil and gas. Sometimes they have to work full time and for days at a time in remote locations in the sea or on land. They need to be in very good physical condition as they have to operate heavy machinery and work for long hours.

The educational requirements in this field are not compulsory although a basic high school degree in preferred. Most workers are trained on the job, although someone with knowledge of welding, drilling and other techniques has a better chance of getting job in this field.

Oil Gas Education Requirements:

  • Since this job does not require any specific degree, one can start by being in good physical condition as you will have to do a lot of physical work that requires drilling and working with heavy equipment for long hours
  • Some high schools offer vocational programs which you can join to get some skills which will improve your knowledge in this field, make you more detail oriented, increase your hand-eye coordination, depth perception and your communication skills
  • Formal training in technical colleges is given on how to operate complicated machines and also how to maintain and repair them
  • The courses also talk about the precautions and safety measures one must follow to do this job

Oil Gas Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as an oil gas worker can study the following courses to get the right knowledge:

  • Associate degree in Oil and Gas
  • Diploma in Oil and Gas production
  • Associate degree in Oil & Gas Engineering Technology

Oil Gas Qualification and Training:

Since most of the companies give on the job training to its oil and gas workers, one needs to start observing and picking up skills through which they can start doing the more complicated duties. You can opt for a diploma or certificate course to get the basics right and gives you the overall foundation to get a job in the oil and gas industry.

Oil Gas Colleges and Universities:

Oil Gas Wages and Salaries:

An oil and gas worker may get paid $18 on an hourly basis and $38,000 annual on an average.

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