What is an Oil Energy Education

Oil energy education is required by those students who wish to build a career in the oil energy sector. Oil energy mainly refers to the use of petroleum for power generation. Oil energy is one the most important part of the world’s economies as it is oil energy that keeps the industries running. The different roles that one can play in the oil energy sector are- power plant operators, engineers, technicians and oil field workers.

The education requirements for each vary, and so does remuneration for their services. Oil energy education usually refers to the education and training imparted to engineers and power plant workers. The engineers need to be licensed while the power plant operators may hold associate degrees in power plant technology. Some power plant operators also need to be licensed.

  • To become a petroleum engineer, you need to acquire a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering or geology. The bachelor’s degree can be followed by a master’s degree in the same field. Engineers and geoscientists have ample opportunities in the oil and energy sector. Geoscientists may require to be licensed and it is preferred by the industry that a master’s degree supplements the bachelor’s degree in geology. Many colleges also offer courses that train students for employment in the oil energy sector. These courses are called pre employment courses. Such courses increase a student’s chance of breaking into the petroleum energy sector.
  • Enrolling oneself in apprenticeship programs also helps in one in gaining experience about the oil energy industry. Many oil companies have apprenticeship programs to help train students in latest technologies. However, for this, it is mandatory to pass industry exams. Apprenticeship programs are usually for those who wish to become power plant operators, crane operators, machinists, industrial electricians, etc.
  • Technicians and oil field workers need to hold a bachelor’s degree. They need to be above eighteen and strong because the work involves large machinery.

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