Oil Energy Education Requirements

The oil and energy industry is a huge industry. Consider the amount of oil, petrol, diesel and fuel that we consumed everyday all over the world. The machineries, the industrial functioning, the cars and vehicles running, all require fuel and thus this industry has a huge job requirement too. There are various kinds of jobs available in this industry.

The various kinds of jobs available are in drilling, oil refining, transport services, directional services, analysts, economists, engineers, financial advisors, legal and paralegals and many others. Oil and energy being mostly government related jobs apart from the private sector, the jobs vary in hierarchy. There are the managers, the technical employees, the senior management, the communication and public relations specialists, and many more. The educational requirements for the various jobs may differ from post to post but some of the major ones include:

  • Candidate should be a major in energy education
  • Candidate should be a software engineer
  • Candidate must have a major in geology
  • Candidate should have a post graduate degree or a major in geophysics and environmental science
  • Candidate should possess knowledge in energy conservation

The various kinds of educational requirements are based on the diversity of jobs available in the oil and energy industry.

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