Offshore Banker Education Requirements

In order to be able to manage offshore investment funds first you will have to know what offshore accounts really are. Although a lot of people think that offshore banking offers the possibility of tax evasion because it is poorly regulated, in fact it has stable and powerful banking regulations.

Information about offshore accounts

It is true that some of the offshore banking centers are poorly regulated but it is up to the investor to find those locations that offer enough security for them like Switzerland or the Cayman Islands. The role of offshore accounting includes privacy, asset protection and some level of tax relief.

Asset protection

This function of offshore banking is important for the people who live in countries with a high level of uncertainty. The majority of the countries allow the use of offshore banking in tax heavens where there are little or no tax liabilities to protect the assets of the investors or account holders.


People can have an international business company to have the option of offshore banking. In the moment when the person in question becomes an account holder at a bank of this kind, he or she doesn’t have to reveal his connections with the bank in his country.

There is the possibility for the company to be considered a separate entity which is different from the owner. The bank account is ought to be opened at another bank from the one that the company was opened from. As a result the owner will have more privacy.

Tax relief

If a person has money deposed in offshore accounts, there are no taxes deducted from the interests that he or she gets. One of the countries that offer tax relief to the account owners is Andorra. In this case only local property taxes and custom duties are involved. In this country there are no tax regulations regarding banking.

If you are doing business in a country that has high taxes, the licensing, trading and investments are supposed to take place in an offshore place, such as Malta. Then the money should be transferred to Andorra.

A company from this country doesn’t pay taxes. Nonetheless the disadvantage is that the majority of the activities need to be performed by citizens of Andorra. This might be a disadvantage for the investors coming from another country, but there is no problem that doesn’t have a solution.

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