Office Supervisor Education Requirements

The candidates looking to seek a career as an office supervisor need to have a bachelor’s degree in any stream. The candidates should have working knowledge of all the areas of work in an office. The candidates that have acquired a master’s degree in business administration are the most preferred and highly paid candidates than those that do not have such qualifications.

Apart from these even those that have obtained a diploma certification in human resources management are considered most suitable for this position. Even a project management certification in the desired work stream of the organization can prove to be instrumental in selection of the candidate. The candidate should possess good health as this profile is not only a strenuous one but also one that requires the person to work for long extended hours on the job.

Office Supervisor Education Requirements

The educational requirements for a candidate to work on the post of an office supervisor are as follows:

  • Minimum of secondary school education.
  • A basic computer training course which trains in MS-office.
  • Book keeping and accountant course.
  • Master’s degree in business administration.

Office Supervisor Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Some of the degrees, certifications and courses that will help a candidate to work efficiently at the post of Office supervisor are as follows:

  • Associate’s degree in Office Administration
  • Associates degree in Business Administration
  • Project management certification
  • Post graduate degree in Human Resource management
  • Certification course in computer proficiency

Office Supervisor Qualifications and training

To work at the post of an office supervisor, a candidate is expected to be well qualified. He is expected to have a strong ability to coordinate office activities well with good people management attributes as well. The ideal candidate should posses good communication skills both oral and written. The candidate should be very good at multi tasking as there are varied roles that the supervisor is expected to play for smooth functioning of the daily activities in the organization. Training in various areas related to work will surely help an individual.

Office Supervisor Colleges and Universities

Office Supervisor Wages and Salary

Office supervisors on an average receive $38,000 per annum to any where up to $55,000 per annum based on the educational qualification and number of years of work experience.

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