Office Clerk Education Requirements

The role of an office clerk starts from the very beginning level of an organization. The office clerk has to be at least a high school qualified person with good communication skills. Most of the learning part of an office clerk takes place on the job. The office clerk can take up a secretarial course that trains in maintenance of office paper, scheduling activities of the office apart from computer proficiency.

The clerks also need to acquire hands on experience with being professional in organizing the work and office systems apart from record keeping activities. Apart from this the office clerk also needs to possess a pleasing personality and lot of patience and endurance to carry out day-to-day activities of the office. The office clerk needs to acquire good working knowledge of making use of office equipment such as photocopiers, fax machines etc.

Office Clerk Education Requirements

There are no specific education requirements for an office clerk as the work is learnt on the job and over a period of time with gaining experience in all the necessary office activities. While this is true the office clerks are required to be prepared for a lot of physical stress and strain due to the nature of work that is demanded in the said position. An office clerk should try to gain as much experience as possible to be able to grow in the organizational ladder. An educated candidate will always be preferred over the one who has no formal education.

Office Clerk Degrees, Courses and Certifications

There are no specific courses that can be pursued by an office clerk. The candidate can pursue a secretarial course to begin with.

Office Clerk Qualifications and training

The office clerk needs to possess excellent management skills apart from having good communication skills at all levels of the organization. The candidate needs to have a pleasing and presentable personality as they portray the face of the organization in front of outsiders.

Office Clerk Colleges and Universities

Office Clerk Wages and Salary

The office clerks with no experience can expect an average salary of about $20,000 per annum while the ones with some amount of experience can expect an annual salary of     $27,000.

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