Office Administrator Education Requirements

The education of an office administrator occurs mostly while on the job. Nevertheless most of the corporate organizations preferred candidates that have acquired specialized qualifications in the field of administration. To begin with an office administrator has to complete junior level college or some other vocational course that is related to administration, accounts or commerce. With the advancement in the career path they tend to get better prospects when they acquire a post graduation degree from a reputed institute in fields related to finance, business management or business administration.

The candidates that have acquired additional qualifications which are instrumental to the functioning of any organization always offer better career prospects. Some such courses that an office administrator can pursue are computer basics course, office procedures course, spreadsheets and database course, business accounting course apart from project management certification as well.

Office Administrator Education Requirements

  • An office administrator has to be a high school graduate preferably with an office assistant certification course.
  • The persons with an advanced course in office administration will be highly preferred.
  • Most of the organizations prefer candidates with college degree as they can manage the affairs of the office better.
  • The candidate needs to have a formal training in computer and office skills from a reputed training institute.

Office Administrator Degrees, Courses and Certifications

An office administrator can undertake the following courses and degrees to be considered for a better pay and position:-

  • The Associate Of Applied Science (A.A.S) degree
  • Associate in Administrative Assistant
  • Associate in Human Resources Specialist
  • Associate in Medical Administrative Assistant etc.
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration

Office Administrator Qualifications and training

The candidates seeking higher qualifications in the field of office administration are required to pursue Administrative Support Degree or an Associates Degree as an office assistant. Apart from this the candidate should be proficient in using the various computer packages such as MS-word, MS-excel etc. Training in related field undoubtedly helps the candidate to have a better chance.

Office Administrator Colleges and Universities

Office Administrator Wages and Salary

In the initial career period an office administrator can expect a salary of $18,000 per annum and with progress in qualifications and experience the average annual salary of office administrators vary from $ 33000 to $   45000.

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