Oceanographer Education Requirements

For all the candidates interested in environmental science oceanography is a new and thrilling career path.  The work of an oceanographer is interesting, filled with too many discoveries but at the same time one cannot deny the fact that the job is quite challenging as well. To be an oceanographer an individual has to pursue right kind of education since schooling. An individual who is interested in this profession should take biology, earth science, physics, mathematics, computer science, and chemistry as their subjects while in high school. A person who wants to become an oceanographer should complete undergraduate courses that are available in oceanography. These degree programs focus and train on various aspects of oceanography. One should also; take up professional society of association course which teaches oceanography like real-life experience. An advanced degree in oceanography is also, required to take up this as a profession.

Oceanographer Education Requirements:

  • A person seeking to become an oceanographer should have completed his/her high school.
  • He should choose subjects like biology, earth science, physics, mathematics, computer science, and chemistry.
  • Graduate and post graduate degree in science is needed.
  • An advanced degree in the related subject is required.
  • A PhD degree is needed to become an oceanographer.

Oceanographer Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A person seeking a career in oceanography should undertake following degrees, Courses and Certification.

  • OCNG 608 Physical Oceanography – 3 years Graduate course.
  • M.S. Oceanography – 2 Years
  • M.Tech in Ocean Technology – 2 Years
  • PhD in Ocean Science.
  • Certificate Program for Oceanographers Professionals – MATE center

Oceanographer Qualification and Training:

Oceanographer can add to his qualifications by getting trained in oceanography. An oceanographer has to be trained on various aspects of ocean and its life. One can choose to get trained on biological oceanographers or marine biologists. In training an oceanographer is taught how to examine and analyze ocean. While in training oceanographers are allowed to view the life of water animals and the exotic life under ocean. In training one can gain a real –life experience in oceanography. There are many career paths in oceanography like underwater acousticians, marine policy lawyers, fishery scientists, arctic oceanographers, climate researchers, molecular biologists, marine biotechnologists and atmospheric scientists.

Oceanographer Colleges and Universities:

Oceanographer Wages and Salaries:

An oceanographer salary can be anything from $95,000 to $125,000. However, the salary might vary according to the location, experience, job profile and individual capacity as well. Salary also, differs from one nation to another.

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