Nutrition Consultant Education Requirements

Nutrition consultants are professionals who are concerned with nourishment and diet of the people. They are known as dieticians and nutritionists. They are concerned with providing proper dietary knowledge in order to ensure that the individual has acquired optimum health. In order to gain employment, it becomes necessary to acquire nutrition consultant education and meet the required specifics as stated.

Nutrition Consultant Education Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree: In order to become a nutrition consultant, this degree is necessary. This degree is related to exercise science, dietetics and food management. This involves working as an intern along with the theoretical course.
  • Licensure: This is required after one has acquired bachelor’s degree. The type of licensure depends on the state the applicant is residing in.
  • Advanced Education: This is optional and is good for those who are pursuing research in this field.
  • Continuing Education: There are some nutritionists who will have to go through continuing education in order to gain advanced knowledge. Sometimes, this is required periodically for certain employers. There are professional workshops, home study courses and internships.

Nutrition Consultant Degrees, Courses and Certification:

  • Bachelor of Dietetics
  • Master’s in Nutrition Science
  • Licensure in Nutrition Counseling
  • Certification in Dietary Programming

Nutrition Consultant Qualification and Training

Nutrition consultants must undergo training in order to gain hands-on experience. It becomes imperative to go through certain internships and workshops. There has to be proper training in terms of creating proper nutrition charts for specific individuals and as per requirements. He or she needs to have good people skills as well.

Nutrition Consultant Colleges and Universities

Nutrition Consultant Wages and Salaries

The salaries of a nutrition consultant vary from $14 to $114 per hour. The average income that one can earn in this profession per year can range from $45,456 to $89,340.

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