What is a Nursing Education


Nursing education includes practical training and rhetorical studies given to nurses to make them nursing care professionals. The experienced nurses and medical professional who are appointed for educational task help in providing nursing education to the aspiring nurses. The job of a nurse is to take care of the patients, support patient’s family, and help the doctors.

Nurses specialize in particular areas like surgery, pediatrics, ICU care, critical care, ambulatory care. They can also participate in management and administration department of the hospitals. An Associate of Science in Nursing degree or a Bachelors degree of science in Nursing is required to become a registered nurse.

There are diploma courses offered in nursing which focus on providing nursing education to beginners.

  • An Associate of Science in Nursing degree takes around 2-3 years to complete offered by hospital based school and community colleges. They offer programs according to the hospital environment, preparing for nursing fundamentals. It is a fit degree for the starting of a nursing career.
  • A bachelors of Science in nursing focuses on providing clinical experience to the nurse. It is a 4 year programming course.  In the first two years, the focus lies on psychology, physiology, anatomy, biology, nutrition, human growth and development. In the final two years the level rises and goes to chronic diseases, mental health nursing and maternal health. It includes behavioral science, physical science, nursing theory and humanities in its subjects.
  • Master of Science in Nursing focuses on advanced nurse training programs, management qualities in special areas such as critical care. It is for those nurses who aspire to become nurse administrators and nurse educators.
  • PhD program are for those graduated nurses who want to teach or make researches in the field of science and biology.
  • A DNP focuses on self clinical practices and nurse trainer roles.

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