Nursing Home Administrator Education Requirements

Nursing home administrator education requirements are those qualifications and knowledge that a person must have before he seeks a job as an administrator at a nursing home. A nursing home is a health care facility which takes care of patients and treats them and the administrator like in any other organization has to makes sure that all the clerical duties are handled smoothly to ensure the overall functioning of the organization.

A nursing home administrator has to supervise the day to day activities of the facility, manage the employees and their records, their salaries, make the budget, payments, accounts and financial planning. The educational requirements give knowledge on various management and healthcare matters.

Nursing Home Administrator Education Requirements:

  • You must have at least a bachelor’s degree to get a job in this field
  • Most common subjects studied for this post is healthcare administration but there are some candidates who also study nursing or business administration
  • The courses focus on areas like operations management, business and marketing, financial planning, health laws, healthcare statistics and so on

Nursing Home Administrator Degrees, Courses And Certifications:

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as a nursing home administrator can choose to study the following courses:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management
  • Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration
  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Health
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration

Nursing Home Administrator Qualification And Training:

The courses will give training and knowledge on the different aspects of the job but all states require licensing and so the candidates must study a program from an accredited institute which shall include training program and internship, followed by a licensing exam. You will have to get continuing professional education for renewal of license.

Nursing Home Administrator Colleges And Universities:

Nursing Home Administrator Wages And Salaries:

The average annual salary in this field is around $77,000 a year.

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