Nursing Education Requirements

Since the time of Florence Nightingale nursing has become a great occupation. Most men and women who have engaged themselves in nursing have taken the job as a passion. The pay may not be as attractive unless you are working at a very senior level but the job satisfaction is very high. Nursing is a blessed job but it requires a lot of knowledge to be a good nurse. There are various job roles under this section all of which have the same educational requirements. The difference is by the experience.

The jobs in the nursing department are that of the Matron, the senior nurse, the junior nurses, the primary care givers, licensed practical nurses, nurse supervisors, head nurses, Nursing home nurses, nursing aides, and nursing assistance. The various jobs require specializations for the sections that the nurse works in. The educational requirements for these jobs would include the following:

  • Candidate should be a bachelor in nursing
  • Candidate should have an associate degree in nursing
  • Candidate should have a diploma in nursing
  • Candidate should have a doctorate in nursing
  • Candidate should have a master in science of nursing

Thus these qualifications judge you suitable for working in a particular job role of a nurse in the hospital or in a nursing home.

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