Nursery Worker Education and Job Requirements

Nursery Worker Requirements

A nursery worker is a person who is in charge of the nursery or the green house and makes sure that the flowers and the plants in the nursery are well taken care of. He also ensures that strict environmental norms are followed in maintaining the nursery. A nursery worker coordinates effectively with the management and ensures that the seeds and plants are safely and properly maintained. This is indeed a very interesting career and is ideal for a person who wants to live close to nature. With the rise of environment consciousness, a person there is expected to be a rise in the demand of nursery workers worldwide.

Nursery Worker Educational Requirements

  • Candidate should have a high school degree
  • Candidate should have a associate degree in horticulture or in any related field
  • Candidate with relevant experience in this field will be preferred.

Nursery Worker Job Requirements

  • Applicant should b polite , friendly and gentle to al the visitors and volunteers who will be visiting the nursery
  • Applicant should have good knowledge about plants, seeds and horticulture and should be willing to share his knowledge with other people
  • Applicant should be able to train other workers to work properly in the nursery

An ideal nursery worker should have great interest in plants and horticulture. These qualities can additionally help him to do better in his job

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