Nursery Manager Education and Job Requirements

Nursery Manager Requirements

A nursery manager is endowed with the duty of maintaining the plants, shrubs and herbs present in his nursery and keeping a track of the same as well. Additionally, he must also supervise the other staffs working there. He is also responsible for proper and efficient marketing of the plants present in his nursery. Thus, it is needless to mention that the duties of a nursery manager are multiple and requires some special expertise to excel.

Education requirement

  • A bachelor degree, in any major, is required. Diploma holders are also acceptable.
  • Prior experience as a nursery manager is needed as well. Often the experience needed can be as high as 4 years for broad-base nurseries.
  • Good knowledge of nursery management and some know-how of botany is an additional qualification.

Job Requirement

  • The applicant must have a basic knowledge of plant maintenance. He should be well aware of the various fertilisers that are required for plant growth and rejuvenation.
  • He should be well versed in the usage of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Particularly, he must be cautious of the negative impacts of these chemicals and use those accordingly.
  • The candidate should understand the market demand for plants and herbs and must prepare his nursery in accordance with the customer requirement.
  • Communication skills as well as management skills will be added advantage for the candidate since they have to work with people from different strata of the society.
  • The manager should also attempt for the growth of hybrid plants that could attract the plant-lovers.

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