Nurse RN Education Requirements

The job of a nurse RN professional is to make sure that the ground level care of the patients is being taken properly. They also are responsible for teaching the ways of maintaining good health and nutrition in the body to the patients. From the education requirement point of view, candidates who would want to become nurse RN professionals are required to complete at least a graduation in nursing program. There are also certain certification and licensing requirements that are to be met by prospective nurse RN professionals.

Candidates can opt for many associate degree courses that are conducted by top schools and universities teaching courses in nursing. All that is required to be known from the education front for a nurse RN professional is mentioned below.

Nurse RN Education Requirements:

  • Candidates can enroll into three year programs in nursing
  • Candidates should be well aware and educated in subjects like psychiatry, nursing and general health care, pharmacology, etc.
  • Candidates with only a diploma or graduation degree would be able to get entry-level jobs and those with a post-graduation education would get proper supervisory roles
  • On the licensing and certification front, candidates should be registered nurses. They can get the registration and licensure after successfully completing the examination – National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses.
  • Candidates should have good patient handling skills

Nurse RN Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The following are some of the degree courses and certifications that can be taken in order to aim for becoming a registered nurse:

  • Diploma in Practical Nursing
  • RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice – General
  • MSN in Diabetes Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • BS in Nursing (RN to BSN)

Nurse RN Qualification and Training:

Candidates who would like to become nurse RN professionals would have to get some experience on their back to prove their mettle as a skilled and expert nurse RN professional.

Nurse RN Colleges and Universities:

Nurse RN Wages and Salaries:

Candidates who would like to work as nurse RN professionals would be able to find work opportunities in health care, hospitals, acute care hospitals, medical services, long term care or rehabilitation centers, etc. According to the salary estimates of Pay Scale and released in the form of the National Salary data, the annual compensation of a nurse RN professional lies in the range of $40,000 to $78,000 per annum. This includes the hourly rate, overtime and bonus for the number of hours worked per year.

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