Nuclear Engineering Education Requirements

A nuclear engineering education is vast and extensive given the critical and sensitive nature of the job. A nuclear engineer must complete a Bachelor’s degree just to obtain entry into the lowest rung of the nuclear engineering ladder. However, most positions which entail responsibility and supervision require their holders to be equipped with postgraduate and doctoral degrees. Sound base in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology is mandatory for a candidate to pursue this field. The course is scientific and thus, a nuclear engineer will be educated in the technical skill required to design and maintain nuclear plants.

Apart from formal education, nuclear engineers must also complete and successfully clear a number of examinations at various steps of their careers in order to progress. They may work for private or government firms and the letter require special licenses. Thus, the education of a nuclear engineer is incredibly challenging and difficult, and hence, special attention must be given to it.

Nuclear Engineering Education Requirements:

  • A nuclear engineer is required to complete his schooling with a strong inclination in the hard sciences and mathematics. This lays the foundation on which subsequent degrees will add skills and technical acumen.
  •  A graduation degree must be obtained in Physics or Mathematics or Chemistry with special emphasis in Nuclear Technology, Radiation, Ionization and Nuclear Waste Management.
  • A post graduate degree is mandatory for any job in this field which is slightly more lucrative than entry level jobs. Radiation biophysics, nuclear system designing, nuclear ethics, biomedical hazards and so on are parts of the post graduate coursework in reputed educational institutions.
  • A nuclear engineer wishing to work in the public sector must clear certain examinations and obtain a license from the state government of the state in which he is employed. Hands on training and experience are also integral parts of his educational requirements.

Nuclear Engineering Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A nuclear engineer must obtain the following degrees, courses and certifications in order to work in this field and achieve success:

  • High school diploma or equivalent GED
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Nuclear Physics, Chemistry.
  • Master’s degree in Nuclear Science or Nuclear Technology.
  • License to handle sensitive nuclear project.

Nuclear Engineering Qualifications and Training:

A nuclear engineer must be qualified in the legal debates about the use of nuclear power, nuclear waste disposal, nuclear health hazards and so on. This can be obtained through training provided by formal education and seminars, coursework, projects and international conventions.

Nuclear Engineering Colleges and Universities:

Nuclear Engineering Wages and Salaries:

A nuclear engineer earns around 90,000USD per annum.

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